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E-Commerce Fulfillment

Our e-fulfillment service for your online shop

You operate an online shop and would like to improve your processes with regard to ordering, shipping, logistics and returns? Then our E-Fulfillment Service is the right thing for you. Because just as simply as your customers can order goods in your web shop with a mouse click, bergler industrieservices GmbH will simplify the entire purchasing process for you in the future by taking over the complete service for your online shop and supporting you with all logistical tasks in one of today's most important sales channels. This is the definition for e-fulfillment at bergler industrieservices GmbH.

Here you will find all our e-commerce fulfillment services at a glance. We are also happy to take on new tasks that are not yet listed here.

Our services in the field of e-commerce fulfillment:

  • Interfaces
  • Order acceptance
  • Warehousing
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Tracking
  • Barcode identification
  • Distribution
  • Outgoing goods
  • Packaging/Converting
  • Shipping
  • Returns logistics
  • Picking
  • Transport solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Personal contact person
  • Individualization

Reduce returns rate with bergler industrieservices
In today's eBusiness, smooth processes, flexibility, reliability and speed are of the utmost importance. However, you can only achieve all this if every process in the ordering and logistics chain is perfectly coordinated and the e-commerce customer experiences the best possible shopping experience. That's why we get involved in the processing flow: After the customer order has been placed, we put the ordered goods together in our warehouse, provide them with the necessary shipping documents, carefully pack the shipment and dispatch it immediately - so you no longer have to worry about anything.

Benefit from the following advantages with bergler industrieservices GmbH

  • Professional fulfillment service for your web shop
  • Fast and professional handling of all purchase and shipping processes
  • Complete warehouse logistics
  • order-picking activities of all kinds
  • Packaging and transport service
  • Shipping at home and abroad
  • Central location in the Frankfurt area and optimal connection in the Rhine-Main area

Digital sales channels and retail processes place increasing demands on online shop operators. The better you meet these requirements, the more your customers will appreciate them. This is not only about the functionality of your shop, but above all about the professional handling of processes in the background. Rely on our experience and know-how in the field of e-commerce fulfillment and concentrate entirely on your core business!

E-fulfillment" - the terms "eCommerce Fulfillment", "E-Commerce Logistics" or "Efulfillment Service" are also commonly used - generally refers to the fulfillment of online shops. It is the external processing of order acceptance and goods issue after the online purchase, or after the online order. Thus, e-fulfillment covers the entire after-sales area and includes all processes from the moment an order lands in the virtual shopping basket. The word "fulfillment" itself comes from English and means as much as "fulfillment". This allows for a large number of fulfillable subtasks. As a rule, e-commerce fulfillment providers perform all the tasks assigned to them by the webshop operator. These often include the warehouse including incoming goods inspection, tracking, barcode identification, distribution, returns logistics, picking and transport solutions. The e-fulfillment company also frequently handles the entire dialogue with the end customer via an order and service hotline.

The handling of the complete goods issue process by an external company brings many advantages to the operators of web shops: They can concentrate on their core business, for example, significantly expand their range of products without having to purchase larger warehouses. Ensuring your own professional merchandise management system can be time-consuming, space-intensive and employee-intensive. The processing of the order acceptance, the compilation of the goods in the warehouse, the subsequent professional packaging and dispatch of the goods is a coherent independent process and can be outsourced very efficiently to fulfilment companies with professional and standardised processes.

A further advantage for webshop operators to outsource the service for online purchases to an e-fulfillment company is that timely and flawless delivery to the end customer is an extremely important image factor and contributes significantly to customer loyalty. It can therefore be assumed that external processing will be used even more frequently in the future in all purchasing and shipping processes - i.e. e-commerce fulfillment - both by retail companies and by industry - but in particular by mail order companies. On the other hand, it is the customers who simply require this efficiency, speed, flexibility and service orientation when buying online.

Here is an overview of the e-fulfillment services offered to webshop operators. It is very likely that new services will be added again and again in the future:

  • Customer dialogue
  • hotline
  • order acceptance
  • warehouse
  • warehousing
  • incoming goods inspection
  • tracking
  • barcode identification
  • distribution
  • Packing/packaging
  • dispatch
  • returns logistics
  • order picking
  • transportation solutions
  • Processing of returns
  • complaint management
  • Handling of warranty claims
  • invoicing
  • accounts receivable management

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E-Commerce-Logistics from shopping cart directly to customer!

In the field of e-commerce fulfillment, our company can look back on many years of experience and is able to optimally handle the shipping logistics of small, medium-sized and large companies. Our professional e-fulfillment service is usually more profitable than in-house after-sales processing, because we know what is important in all online trading processes. We can take over the entire processing for you as soon as a buyer has decided in favour of your goods - from warehousing to compiling the consignment of goods including the necessary shipping documents, from routine packaging to dispatching your goods or handling returns.

We tailor our e-commerce logistics precisely to your requirements and simply offer you more than other fulfillment providers. In addition to the complete warehouse logistics, we also take care of all kinds of picking activities for you, specialise in packaging and transport services and also ship your goods in partial quantities when and where you want them. Thanks to our central location in the middle of Germany in Gelnhausen in the Rhine-Main area, short distances and a perfect infrastructure for smooth logistics can be a decisive competitive advantage in e-fulfillment for you.

More relief thanks to e-fulfillment

Customer requirements in terms of speed, flexibility and service have long since been just as high as in stationary trade - even though the goods travel long distances worldwide by air, sea and land freight. bergler industrieservices GmbH supports your online shop in all processes in which you need relief. Talk to us - we adapt our fulfillment services completely to your needs and simply take over the tasks in which you do not want to invest any time. While our team takes care of warehousing, incoming goods inspection, tracking, barcode identification, distribution, returns logistics, order picking, packing and the right transport solutions at home and abroad, you can concentrate entirely on your core competencies. You will also find much more information on the subject Fulfillment in our Fulfillment guidebook!