Packaging as a service

We put together your goods, products and articles as a unit. Just as you wish.
  • Manual packing of sets, product samples, advertising material
  • Packaging ready for dispatch & individualisation
  • Quality control, functional testing and other services
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Everything but standard: Packaging according to your wishes.
Do you want to send products in special packaging or are you looking for someone to assemble several products for you as a set? Then you've come to the right place. With our expertise in logistics, we handle your individual packaging requests reliably and carefully - just as you would expect from a good logistics company.

Your products require extra care? Then we also assemble manually.
No matter how complex your request may be - we will deliver a result you will be satisfied with - if not more.
What flexibility means to us? Let's assume that your request requires an individual solution that cannot be implemented by machine. No problem, then we'll just assemble by hand to achieve the best result for you. That's flexibility in action, the Bergler way!

Sales display: Presentation area with enthusiasm effect .
Set up, fold, load, code merchandise and much more. You know what a hassle it is until your beautiful sales display can wow your customers. We take this work off your hands so you can concentrate on your core business. We will assemble your sales display, no matter what size or shape. And if you don't have the space to store your displays yourself, simply take advantage of our 3000 sqm warehouse space.

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Packaging as an integrated process

A bit of sorting here, a bit of packing there, a few simple steps and bang - packaging is complete. However, packaging is much more than "1,2,3, everything in the box", it is a holistic process that includes several stages - from consulting to processing to logistics.
You benefit from our extensive know-how here; with our well-coordinated team, every move is spot-on - whether it's inserting printed products or careful labeling.


These are the goods we make up for you

The quality of your products is paramount - so they deserve nothing less than the best stage! We make sure of that with our packaging - sales-promoting, consumer-friendly and individually designed.

Textiles and clothing

A sweatshirt rarely comes alone: belts and accessories are the salt in the soup of any outfit. It is therefore not surprising that they are often supplied together with textiles in special packaging. With our packing service, we give you the assurance that each garment is neatly folded, labeled with the correct label and securely packed for transport.

Especially when it comes to toys, details are the be-all and end-all. Children's eyes must light up at first sight, so that the little ones can hardly wait to tear open the packaging. How do you do that? By having the toy attractively assembled and packaged.

It's not just the kids who need to be excited, but their parents as well. In the end, they are the ones who open the wallet. Entrust us with the packaging of toys. We will make sure that your products become the star of the sales shelf.

In the world of cosmetics and care products, appearance is almost more important than content. The packaging decides whether the product catches the buyer's interest or not. This is where our packaging comes into play.
We package every vial, jar and tube with the utmost precision and care. We make your products shine and ensure that they stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive cosmetics market.

The appeal of electronic items goes far beyond their functionality. More than almost any other product, they stand for design and progress. So naturally it deserves appealing packaging and presentation.
Whether it's the clack of the clasp on a smartphone box, the rich feel of high-quality headphones in your hand, or the elegant arrangement of computer accessories, every element counts when it comes to packaging electronic devices.

Why is this so important? Because in a world where electrical goods are mostly on a par technically, the customer experience - unpacking, touching, switching on for the first time - becomes a key differentiator.
That's exactly what our packaging offers your customers: An unboxing experience that will be remembered.

Have you ever wondered how much more impressive your magazine could look in your customers' hands with an exclusive sample or special promotional insert? Or how much more valuable your book appears when it's perfectly sorted and bundled with other thematically related materials?
Let us show you! With our finishing services, we bring your print products to life. From the first page to the last sheet - we do everything we can to give your content the appearance it deserves.

What could be more beautiful than to give joy to a loved one? We customize your gift items so that the joy begins even before you unwrap them. In an age where digital often trumps analog, the physical experience of gift giving is invaluable.

Crackling paper, the warm shimmer of gift ribbon, a few personal lines in the form of an enclosed letter - a gift is so much more than its mere contents. The joy in the eyes of a loved one is what gives the gift its special touch.

It expresses the deep affection for another person. With our gift wrapping services, we will turn your packaging into a unique work of art that will emphasize your appreciation and make the recipient's heart beat faster.

How we make up? Naturally sustainable

Hand on heart: no one can avoid the topic of sustainability these days. At a time when environmental impact is rightly becoming increasingly important, we too have committed ourselves to the issue of sustainability. We therefore place particular emphasis on integrating environmentally friendly methods into our packaging processes.

Our specially developed packaging is not only functional and safe, it is also environmentally sustainable. In doing so, we rely on recyclable materials and minimize waste, without compromising on quality, of course.

Efficiency through innovation
Our innovative technologies and processes enable us to reduce energy consumption in our production chain.
Result: lower costs for you and a smaller environmental footprint for all of us.

What satisfied customers say about us


We sell a variety of tech gadgets and the adaptability of the assembly service to our changing needs is commendable. The confectioning and assembly of multiple parts are always done accurately.


I needed custom retail display fabrication for my retail store. The Bergler experts have an excellent eye for detail and achieved a visually appealing merchandise presentation.


I am the owner of an electronics start-up and have contracted Bergler to hand-assemble our small parts. I am very pleased with the professionalism and precision with which they work. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation and can only recommend Bergler.


What is confectioning?

Packaging refers to the process of sorting, assembling, packing and preparing products for shipment or presentation. This can be done manually or by machine and often includes specialized packaging and presentation solutions.

So that you don't also have to deal with the issue of packaging in your busy day-to-day business life. Simply outsource the process and concentrate on your core business. In addition to saving time and nerves, you will also save a lot of money.

During the packaging process, we place great emphasis on the safety of your products. Quality control optimized procedures ensure that yours is packed in perfect condition.

You name it, we'll package it - what you want, how you want it.

We pack both smaller and larger quantities, and we adapt our service to your needs.

The duration of packing depends on the quantity and the specific requirements of your order. We can give you a concrete time schedule as soon as we know the exact framework conditions.

We calculate the costs for finishing based on the volume of your order, the specific requirements and the materials used.

Sie verkaufen. Wir lagern, verpacken und versenden.

  • Günstige und individuelle Lösungen
  • Versand ins In- und Ausland
  • Flexible Schnittstellen zu Ihrem System

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