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  • Manual or machine grinding & deburring of metal & plastic parts.
  • Pick-up & just-in-time delivery
  • Cleaning, polishing, re-brushing etc. to perfection
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Grinding as an effective finishing service
We are happy to put the finishing touches on your workpieces! With a flexible control system and special grinding tools, we can perform several steps on a single machine. This ensures fast and effective grinding processes. And that's not all: Our service also includes the prior collection of the workpieces, the possibility of intermediate storage in our halls and delivery to the address you require, of course flexibly and absolutely on time.

Improve surface quality and fitting accuracy.
Grinding allows even very hard materials to be perfected with dimensional and shape accuracy. We process the premachined workpieces with the appropriate grinding process. In this way they receive an improved surface quality, the ground surfaces show a smaller waviness and roughness after the treatment. By improving the dimensional accuracy of the materials, a higher accuracy of fit is also achieved. Our short production times and low tool costs make outsourcing grinding work worthwhile for our customers in any case.

Manual deburring from your specialist service provider!

Our team deburrs your products by hand - quickly, carefully and on time!
bergler industrieservices GmbH offers you manual deburring of plastic parts, tubes, edges or metal parts - thoroughly and precisely. Save time and money by outsourcing this processing step and create new capacities in your company. If required, you can benefit from our collection and delivery service: We collect the products to be deburred from you on site, ensure perfect deburring and deliver the desired quantity just in time if required. In addition, our storage capacities enable us to temporarily store partial quantities for which you lack the space and to relieve you.

We deburr:

  • Tubes
  • Edges
  • Metals (aluminium and sheet metal)
  • Plastics
  • Holes

Deburring to the perfect product

On the basis of various deburring techniques we optimize your products made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. For example, grinding can be used to remove disturbing edges that occur during the manufacturing process. On request, we can also polish or clean parts from entire batches or professionally brush particularly delicate or sensitive parts. So no more dirt gets stuck!

Further information on deburring

During the production of parts made of plastic or metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper, sharp edges or burrs can occur on the sides, depending on the process, which make manual deburring necessary. The shape and height of the resulting burr depend on the tool and material used. Typical applications include stamped parts, pressed parts, tubes or sheets of metal and plastic, and threads.

Deburring not only minimizes the high risk of injury, but also paves the way for further processing steps. For example, aluminum sheets cannot be surface coated if there are still burrs on the metal edges. In addition, this also impairs the accuracy of fit or functionality of the parts, no matter what material they are made of. Of course, this is even more true if the part is a mechanical component or thread that has not been deburred.

However, the deburring process also plays an important role from an optical point of view. Various methods are available - in addition to manual deburring by grinding or brushing, there are also chemical as well as machine methods, such as vibratory grinding, also called barrel finishing or tumbling. However, machine deburring is only worthwhile if standard parts are available in sufficiently large quantities.

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