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Relief at last: Thanks to our packaging service, you free up many resources in your company.
  • Manual or machine packaging of all goods, products, sets, etc.
  • Shrink-wrapping and packaging in films, polybags, cardboard boxes
  • Individualisation, quality assurance, repackaging and other services
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Whatever you want, we'll wrap it up!

If you would like to hand over partial tasks, you can count on us in every respect. One service that our customers appreciate is individual packaging. Our commitment to you does not only include the assumption of individual production and packaging processes. You can also leave the complete packaging service to us, from collection and storage to delivery. You can always rely on us to coordinate all outsourced tasks smoothly with your processes. For bergler industrieservices GmbH, packaging means tailor-made outsourcing: versatile, economical and on schedule.

Get an overview of our packaging services.
We have specialised in packaging faster and more cost-effectively than our customers can handle in-house. Convince yourself of our customer-oriented services. If you want to protect your products from damage during transport, we pack them safely in tear-resistant film packaging. Small parts that must not get lost are sealed for you in transparent poly bags. Sometimes, for cost reasons, it is worthwhile to use packaging several times, then returnable packaging is the right choice. You will find all information on these and other types of packaging (industrial packaging, final packaging or repackaging) on the following pages.

Our packaging types

Whether as a set or a single product, we find the most efficient packaging for you.


Film packaging and shrink-wrapping made easy
Our core services do not only include pure film packaging. With many products, it is also advisable to seal the film or poly bag by shrink-wrapping.
The sealing process guarantees that nothing is lost and even the smallest parts can be safely packed. At bergler industrieservices GmbH, we can thus implement space-saving packaging units through effective shrink-wrapping.

Shrink film packaging for optimum transport protection.
If you not only want to protect your goods to be packaged, but also want to stabilise them in the best possible way, it makes sense to choose shrink film packaging for film packaging. The applied principle is as simple as it is effective: first we shrink-wrap your packaging unit into a film, then the film is strongly heated. The heat makes the material soft and contracts when it cools down. The film nestles airtight around the packaged goods, hence the name shrink film packaging. Film packaging with shrink film also has the advantage that customers can immediately conclude that the new product is undamaged.

Shrink-wrapping offers a wide range of applications
Common products suitable for shrink-wrapping are CDs, DVDs and printed matter, including books, catalogues or magazines. For promotional promotions, for example, several articles can be shrink-wrapped together to form an exclusive set. The goods are held together in this way, but remain clearly visible to customers. Small parts such as electrical accessories or sensitive software components are also suitable for shrink-wrapping in foil. Do you have an individual request for shrink-wrapping your product batch or for the application areas of shrink-wrap packaging? We will be pleased to help you!

industrial packagings

Professional industrial packaging according to your needs
Packaging is important for the industry. On the one hand, industrial packaging is perceived first: at the time of purchase or further processing. On the other hand, packaging must offer protection during transport. Safety, attractive appearance and easy handling when removing the product are only three aspects among many others that speak in favour of having industrial packaging carried out by professionals. Gain an insight into the packaging range of bergler industrieservices GmbH. From the materials plastic, cardboard and foil we assemble and pack your products or also parts from your production. As an extended workbench, we carry out these activities professionally, from collection to just-in-time delivery. In this way you conserve your resources and also save costs and time. Test our skills and our reliability in a first project in the field of industrial packaging, in which we will be happy to implement your individual packaging requirements. We have no minimum quantities for industrial packaging orders! Let the professional execution by bergler industrieservices GmbH convince you. We also create an efficient solution for your industrial packaging.

Packaging for the industry can be very different. Every industry has its own special features and every customer naturally also has its own special features. We ensure smooth logistics for industrial packaging, have high storage capacities and a direct connection to the motorway. So that your packaged products or even partial products can be brought on their way quickly and safely. Whether the packaging exported for the industry is to be transported to the trade or to other companies, both our warehouse and our delivery service adapt flexibly to the needs of our customers.

**What kind of industrial packaging are you looking for?
We offer different types of packaging to the industry. These include industrial packaging for the plastic, metal, electrical, electronics and automotive industries with their suppliers. One service that our customers appreciate in industrial packaging is individual packaging. Our services in the field of industrial packaging include set formation, assortment packaging, packing and repackaging, product labelling and labelling. We offer professional film packaging and poly bag packaging, individual production methods round off our range of industrial packaging.

Here is an overview of our products for industry in the field of packaging in detail:

Standard industrial packaging: Packaging with foils, bags, composite foils, corrugated board, cardboard boxes, fine cardboard boxes, self-adhesive labels

Industrial packaging on request: Packaging with block bottom bags, cross bottom bags, polyethylene bags, punched packs, folding boxes, flat bags

Individual industrial packaging: Packaging with drawstring bags, pin-stack bags, funnel bags, plastic films, boxes, labels, hot-needle perforation

Film Packaging & Poly Bag Packaging

**That's what will weld us together: our professional film and poly bag packaging.
Films and polybags are an extremely flexible and practical way to package products cleanly, safely and cost-effectively - for every industry. Film packaging can be used universally and is therefore suitable both for internal use and for direct sale to the end customer. At Bergler industrieservices GmbH you benefit not only from the versatility of film packaging, but also from our experience and know-how in the entire field of packaging. Whether you want to have small product batches packed or plan complex packaging in larger units - we are your perfect packaging company for all the tasks that cannot be carried out in your company logistically, temporally or technically. Choose bergler industrieservices GmbH as a competent and reliable outsourcing and fulfillment service provider and enjoy numerous advantages.

Your advantages with bergler industrieservices GmbH:

  • Professional solutions
  • Improved logistics
  • Everything from a single source
  • No minimum order quantity

Film packaging from bergler industrieservices GmbH
As your experienced partner and specialist for film packaging in the Frankfurt area, we always offer you an optimal solution that is completely tailored to your needs. You can outsource your packaging tasks to our company - at bergler Industrieservices GmbH - in contrast to other packaging companies - there are no minimum order quantities, so that you always benefit from our services. Protect your products and ensure that they reach their recipients unharmed. Packaging in films is suitable for all industries, products or quantities, but we also offer you the option of packaging in polybags - optionally with shrink-wrapping.

Poly bag packaging is available in various variants, such as poly bags for industrial, disposable, reusable, end-of-line or assortment packaging. Another variant for this type of packaging is shrink film packaging. It is also very tear-resistant, resistant and equally universally usable. The company Bergler stands for film packaging made to measure. We collect your products to be packaged on site and deliver the packaged products just-in-time. During a personal consultation we will also find the ideal packaging solution for your company.

Information about poly bag packaging
Poly bags made of polyethylene are not only extremely resistant and tear-resistant but also recyclable and available in almost any size. They have long played an important role in industry, trade and private households.
This is not least due to the material itself, because polyethylene is also waterproof and resistant to chemicals and other influences. Waste bags, freezer bags and shopping bags are made of this material and used in everyday life. In addition, polybags are a popular, transparent packaging option in industry as well as for retailers and wholesalers to protect small parts, goods and products during storage, transport or even during the presentation of goods. In addition, they can be individually printed and provided with labels or EAN codes for marking goods. The choice of material depends on the requirements for tear resistance, transparency and moisture protection. Polybags can also be individually packaged for fixed quantities.

shrink wrapping

A large number of merchandise is presented to the end consumer in shrink film packaging. CDs, books, DIY store sets, increasingly also food and much more. This form of outer packaging of goods is used in a wide variety of industries. The film used for shrink film packaging differs depending on the intended use.

Your advantages with bergler industrieservices GmbH:

  • Top quality
  • Efficient processes
  • space saving
  • saving of time

For example, polyethylene film is used in the area of wood packaging (laminate flooring, glued wood panels, profiled boards) and is primarily used here for transport safety. This film is inexpensive and easy to dispose of. For sales packaging of CDs, books and other goods, polyolefin films, also known as fine shrink films, are usually used.

Such packaging signals to the end consumer that the goods are new and undamaged. Film packaging with shrink film also serves the manufacturer or retailer to protect the goods during transport or storage. Therefore, it is always sensible to choose shrink film packaging if goods are not only to be packaged, but also stabilised and presented in a transparent manner. This type of packaging is usually produced by machine. The applied principle is as simple as it is effective: First the packaging unit is shrink-wrapped into a film, then the film is strongly heated. The heat makes the material soft and shrinks. The film is then wrapped around the packaged product.

returnable packages

Use returnable packaging in a sensible way
Reusable packaging is often a sensible alternative to disposable packaging. This is because reusable packaging can significantly reduce unnecessary waste and effectively save resources. We at bergler industrieservices GmbH support the economic awareness of our customers. We therefore also offer you efficient packaging solutions for reusable packaging.

We find the right reusable packaging for every industry.
Reusable packaging is suitable for a wide range of products from very different industries. Our customers include companies from the automotive, metal, electrical engineering and plastics industries. Of course it is also possible for you to hand over the complete logistics to us for reusable packaging. For example, we professionally take care of all packaging work or label your reusable packaging for direct sale. It does not matter whether it is a matter of simple activities and a large order quantity or complex tasks with small quantities.

non-returnable packaging

There are good reasons for disposable packaging
For hygienic or logistical reasons, the use of disposable packaging cannot always be avoided. That is why we do not only take over the packaging in reusable packaging for you. If it makes sense to sell goods in one-way packaging, we are the right partner for your out-of-home solutions.

Our operational readiness for your one-way packaging
Due to a flexible readiness for action we can also support our customers at short notice in case of bottlenecks. We carry out routine tasks for every type of disposable packaging just as conscientiously as special tasks. These include sub-tasks from the plastics, metal, electrical, electronics and automotive industries, among others. At bergler industrieservices GmbH there are no minimum order quantities in the business field of disposable packaging - we also pack small quantities for you. If you contact us with complex tasks, we will react quickly and can implement your order manually without any problems if required.

outer packaging

Achieve the right effect through effective repackaging
Are you dissatisfied because your goods are not sufficiently protected against theft? Or you cannot transport the bulky bulk packaging in a space-saving way? With repackaging, we offer you the service of first unpacking goods that have already been packed and then repacking them in practical individual packaging, for example. We take over the complete handling for you. Our aim is to carry out tasks flexibly, economically and on time.

How to save time immediately when repacking from the start
By leaving the repackaging to bergler industrieservices GmbH, you conserve your resources. You save costs and above all precious time! On request, we will pick up the goods to be packed directly at your site. We also have extensive storage capacities and offer just-in-time delivery. As a competent outsourcing service provider, we are well versed in repackaging. Simple cardboard packaging made of environmentally friendly material is used for repackaging, as are complex blister packs made of transparent plastic. Just as you wish. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

final packaging

Automated solutions for final packaging
We always take a holistic approach to packaging. All products that go into direct sale require final packaging that is both practical and appealing. For this purpose, there is a choice of different variants of final packaging, which we at bergler industrieservices GmbH can implement in automated packaging processes. We will be happy to advise you on space-saving end packaging with good stackability, or on the possibility of packaging. So that, for example, you can present your promotional goods optimally via sales displays.

Proper filling, cushioning and protection of packaged goods in the final packaging.
Of course, end packaging can also be additionally filled with filling materials. This protection is particularly recommended for sensitive goods. Our experts will inform you in a personal conversation about which packaged goods are suitable for environmentally friendly corrugated board, or when you should rather opt for bubble wrap.

Packaging service

We are your experts for packaging service in the Rhein Main area near Frankfurt: At bergler industrieservices GmbH you can expect a tailor-made packaging service that is always tailored to the needs of our customers. Because we know that no order is like another. That is why we have made it our task to carry out our packaging service flexibly, economically and on time. The industry can count on our outsourcing solutions in every respect!

YYour advantages at a glance:

  • Professional solutions
  • Improved logistics
  • Everything from a single source
  • No minimum order quantity

In packaging service, service is always the focus
Packaging alone is not enough for us. As a competent outsourcing service provider, we take on the entire range of cost-efficient packaging services. Thanks to our direct motorway connection and the central location in the Rhein Main area near Frankfurt, we can complete orders quickly and on schedule. The packaging service means that we collect the goods to be packaged, including packaging, from your premises on request and also deliver the finished orders just in time. If the storage capacities of our customers are too limited, we can also temporarily store in our own warehouses.

Assembly, sorting and packaging is part of our packaging service.
Perfection is a top priority at bergler industrieservices GmbH. On request, we check orders by visual inspection, for example, or subject them to a function and material test. Our packaging service also includes professional assembly and the possibility of individual packaging and labelling of goods. In our workshops near Frankfurt, we take on routine tasks as well as special tasks for industry.

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