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Robot-assisted goods-to-person picking for even more satisfied customers!

As a fulfillment service provider, you expect us to pick, pack and ship the customer orders in your online store at any time with lightning speed, reliability and without errors ? For this, we rely on something that sets us apart from other providers in the field E-Commerce-Fulfillment: Our automated picking warehouse at our Erlensee location!

Thanks to robot-assisted goods-to-person picking, we are able to process orders in your online store even faster and more efficiently - whether in day-to-day business or at seasonal peaks. The result: even more security and more satisfied customers for you!

Find out more about the advantages our automated picking warehouse offers you!

  • Faster, more efficient picking
  • Minimization of error sources
  • More customer satisfaction

An insight into automated picking

The first picking orders via Geek+!
Test drive of our goods-to-man picking robot from Geek+.
The test phase of our goods-to-man order picking system from Geek+.
The picking system goes live!

This is how our robot order picking works

The essential components

Our automated picking system consists on the one hand of special storage racks in which your products are stored, and on the other hand of autonomous picking robots.

Both are located in a very compact and separately equipped area in our warehouse, where there are no human employees.

Everything perfectly interconnected

Interfaces to store systems, ERP, picking robot, warehouse system ... to ensure that the picking system functions quickly, efficiently and smoothly, everything meshes perfectly.

When a customer places an order in your online store, the picking robot knows the exact location of the shelf where the product is and sets off.

Goods to person instead of person to goods

After receiving an order, the autonomous picking robot moves directly to the shelf where your goods are stored. It then lifts the shelf and transports it quickly to the picking zone.

Only here does the human hand come into play: the ordered product is now removed by our staff, scanned and made ready for dispatch.

Less walking - more team capacity

Since the picking robots move to the exact location of the product as soon as the order is received and immediately move the shelf to the picking zone, we can save an enormous amount of time.

These time resources, which were previously spent on walking, can now be used by our team to process many times more picking orders in the same amount of time.

Automatic picking - your advantages at a glance

Picking is an area of warehouse logistics where speed, efficiency and precision are more important than in almost any other area. And like in hardly any other area, errors in order picking result in lost time, avoidable complaints, unnecessary costs and customer dissatisfaction.

However, our automated, robot-assisted picking system at the Erlensee site ensures consistently high picking quality and an equally high throughput of order processing, as a very significant part of the processes is handled automatically - even when order volumes are high.

The picking robots work quickly and efficiently - saving valuable time previously spent on walking by human employees. Finally, thanks to the perfect interaction between IT, the automated picking system and manual handling in the picking zone, the error rate is reduced to a minimum.

Are you interested in optimizing your order processing and increasing customer satisfaction? Then we invite you to contact us! write us a message or give us a call and let's talk about how we can support you with our fulfillment service and automated picking!

Enormous time saving

Optimized routes, optimized warehousing and a fast pace of work - our picking robots work indispensably and hand in hand with our human employees in the picking zone. This allows our team to handle significantly more picking orders in less time.

Minimized risk of error

Since the processes handled by our picking system are extremely precise and automated, you can be sure that your customers will receive their orders without errors.

Stable fulfillment prices

The high degree of efficiency in picking allows us to save valuable time and personnel resources. As a result, you in turn benefit from a stable, predictable price structure for our fulfillment services.

More security and plannability, even with high order volumes

Even seasonal peaks cannot affect the fast and constant workflow in our automated order picking. Even a high order volume is optimally cushioned by our robot-assisted system. Your customers will thank you if they don't have to wait longer than necessary for their order, even at peak times.

More customer satisfaction

Customers who receive their order quickly and without errors, and thus know that you can trust your stated delivery times, thank you with high satisfaction and a minimized complaint rate.

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