Quality Control / Quality Assurance as a Service

Identify weak points, guarantee quality.
  • Quality control for all industries
  • Visual inspection or indirect quality control by video sorting
  • On request also collection, sorting, assembly, packing & just-in-time delivery
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Quality control for quality assurance

Quality control is more than just a service for comparing the target and actual performance of your products - it ensures that the processes in your company function perfectly and represents an indispensable part of quality assurance.

To ensure that everything ruans perfectly for you, bergler industrieservices GmbH takes on various types of quality controls on your behalf. For us, it goes without saying that we meet the highest requirements and simply offer you more. We are happy to collect your goods, sort, assemble, inspect and pack them and, if you wish, we can also deliver just in time.

Be sure that with bergler industrieservices GmbH you also have a competent, precise and punctual partner at your side in terms of quality control, no matter how large the order quantity or how complex the task is.

In addition to direct visual inspection or "classic" aids such as calipers, we also offer the innovative video sorting process for quality control.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Professional solutions
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Minimize scrap
  • Optimum quality control

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Everything together, everything all right, everything safe? But yes!

For years, bergler industrieservices GmbH as a professional service provider has been offering you the highest competence in quality control, which goes beyond the pure inspection of goods and visual inspection. Our service portfolio therefore also includes functional, stability and material tests.

So you can be absolutely sure that your customers receive only flawless goods. Your perfection and demands for flawlessness during and after production are our motivation, which is why we naturally do not compromise on these points. In addition, we are excellently positioned in terms of personnel and technology.

Rely on outsourcing of this important task and let bergler carry out the quality control. Instead, focus entirely on the manufacture of your products. Together with you, we ensure consistently high quality, which is also measurable and traceable - safe is safe!

Quality control in production and afterwards

Errors cost time and money, both during production and afterwards. Responsible companies therefore attach great importance to optimum quality assurance. An essential part of this is quality control.

It ensures that the results of the interlinked processes in the company meet both customer requirements and the company's own requirements. Quality control not only identifies defects in the end product, it also allows conclusions to be drawn about weak points in the process chain.

The primary objective, however, is to achieve the goal of delivering satisfactory results and minimizing waste.

Measures for quality control
Various test methods are available for optical and visual visual inspection. These range from visual inspection without aids, i.e. with the naked eye, through optical aids such as endoscopes or magnifying glasses, to indirect methods, for example by camera, which are linked to automatic sorting devices.

With the help of these measures, defects such as cracks, scratches, dirt, burrs or defects on the material surfaces are identified and the affected parts sorted out.

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  • Flexible Schnittstellen zu Ihrem System

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