E-Commerce Fulfillment by bergler industrieservices

- headline: "" headlinesize: h3 text: | In the classic "offline purchase" in a specialist shop, personal contact and service as well as the perception as a customer have always been a fundamental factor for customer satisfaction. On the other hand, online shopping by no means means means total anonymity or an impersonal shopping experience with a sterile mouse click - provided that the online shop owner does it right and offers optimal conditions for a perfect customer experience. Here comes the keyword E-Commerce-Fulfillment, because the personnel, logistical and spatial capacities of the companies are usually not available for all the necessary steps. The bergler industryservices will do justice to their role as professional service providers. We relieve our customers in all areas, from the handling of purchase processes to warehouse logistics, order picking and packaging through to transport and shipping services. You thus benefit from an optimized process chain that is fully tailored to your requirements. The result: maximum customer satisfaction through professional fulfillment, also in the area of e-commerce. Individual ways and means are always in demand - contact us, we look forward to offering you an optimal solution! btns: [ ] mediabuilder: [ ] position: right backgroundcolor: none class: "" _key: text _uid: text_1571215835560_25700


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