Geek+ automated order picking system in Erlensee

Here we keep you up to date on the progress of our brand new goods-to-man picking system!
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Progress diary

Here we will keep you updated at regular intervals on the progress of the installation of our Geek+ robotic picking system. Just click on the orange (+) in the middle of the timeline to go to the respective entry and get more info!

Geek+ is going live!

Die Kommissionieranlage ist nun final eingerichtet und systemseitig angebunden – die ersten Aufträge werden bereits darüber bearbeitet.

September 28, 2021
The hardware is ready

The shelves are up, the picking robots are moving - now the digital is being tested to perfection.

September 6, 2021
The first robot test drives

The setup of the picking system is in the final phase and the robots are now also being tested in practice.

July 30, 2021
The robots are getting ready - the construction is progressing

Bit by bit, things are moving into the home stretch. The picking robots are in the starting blocks, and further components of the plant are being assembled.

July 28, 2021
Everything is gradually taking shape

The construction is underway and you can already guess what the whole thing will look like one day.

July 22, 2021
The plant is finally here

Now we're moving forward - the construction of the picking system begins.

June 25, 2021
The processes are tuned in

The delivery of the plant is due soon. All processes must now be transferred properly and the plant configured for use.

April 16, 2021
A look into the warehouse before installing Geek+.

Bevor in Kürze das Ware-zum-Mann-Kommissioniersystem installiert wird, geben wir noch einen Einblick in den aktuellen Zustand unseres Lagers.

March 30, 2021
Anticipation and a lot of preparation in the background

While the Geek+ picking system is still at sea, we are already preparing the IT integration in the background.

March 15, 2021
The picking system is shipped

A fully automated goods-to-man picking system is planned for the Erlensee site to further improve our fulfillment processes.

February 26, 2021
Our investment in future technology

We are planning a fully automated goods-to-man picking system for the Erlensee site to further optimize our fulfillment processes.

January 2021

It's starting

Good things come to those who wait: Our Geek+ system in Erlensee is ready for use! We already processed the first orders via the system at the end of last week. Now we are moving the goods to the shelves and will continue to fill them day by day. Yes, there is still a bit of work ahead of us, but so is the number of items being picked through the system every day. Soon, even the last shelf will be filled with goods and the picking system will show its full performance.

The first test drives of the Geek+ robots

Now things are getting moving and the robot processes are being fine-tuned. The little powerhouses "learn" quickly and are now making their first rounds through their work area in our logistics center in Erlensee. In the process, the first shelf has already been moved from A to B, which we naturally don't want to deprive you of. Watching the robots in action in this short video summary gives you a more precise impression of their dimensions and working speed.

They're not quite as small as you might think at first glance after seeing them in pictures. And in view of the speed, it also makes perfect sense that the specially designed working area is reserved exclusively for our robot colleagues and is separated by a protective fence. Only in the picking zone does the human hand come into play. But the facility has not yet reached its end - we will keep you posted!

With giant steps to completion

Now things are moving at a rapid pace: a few days ago, we started setting up the picking racks and positioning the robots in their activity areas - and to make sure you get to see the whole fleet, we had the picking robots stand in line. But not for long, they'll be covering plenty of miles a day - many trips that our picking employees will be spared. Instead, the robots will bring the shelves with the items to be picked to the picking stations, where our team only has to access and scan them.

Conversely, this means that there will be a lot of activity on the routes of the ten autonomously working robot colleagues. To eliminate the risk of accidents for our human picking team, this activity area will be separated by a safety fence, which we have also already started to build, as can be seen in the photos. The picking stations can also be seen in the background. One thing is certain: we are gradually in the home stretch and are moving with giant strides towards the completion of this exciting project.

The construction of the picking system is in full swing

Since the goods-to-man order picking system finally arrived last month in all kinds of pallets and crates, nothing has stood still here in Erlensee, of course. People are getting down to work, because there is still a lot to be done. It's really fun to see how this robot-assisted order picking system is taking shape day by day, and it's now easy to imagine how things will work here one day.

The fleet is growing! In the meantime, the first robots are ready in the area and are just waiting to start, to piggyback on the storage racks and to drive to the transfer station in the picking zone, where the human being will finally take over the picking of the articles. That transfer station and also the safety fence are already next on our list of construction work. Then there is more to see here in the warehouse and of course we will keep you updated on the progress.

Nothing can stop us now

Finally the time has come! After a long journey, our robot-assisted picking system from Geek+ has finally arrived at our company. Since then, the second week has passed and we have already started with the assembly. However, not much can be seen yet, as we still have to measure and draw in a lot - this basis has to be 100 percent complete so that everything is really right when we start up. Soon we will also start building the first shelves and from then on the development will become more and more visible every day. The goods have now arrived in full. So now nothing can stop us.

Setting up the processes

Right now, we are going through all the processes with geek+ to configure the system. That's a lot of work, of course, but we're making very good progress. The so-called put-away & replenishment - i.e. the goods receipt process - has already almost been completed. We are also tackling the master data and evaluations in order to be able to use the system optimally.

We will then take care of all the other processes so that they are properly configured for the commissioning of the order picking system. Delivery of the system will be postponed until around mid-May. At the same time, we are also adding more new customers to the system - so there is still a lot to do. Big and exciting challenges that we are looking forward to!

And this is our warehouse before modernization

Snapshots are important - because they show us not only where we currently stand, but also in later time whether we have developed further. That this will be the case with the Geek+ picking system is beyond question. And if you look at the current state of our warehouse in Erlensee, it is also fair to say that it is a modern site. But especially in today's times, very short spans often pass between "brand new" and "yesterday's news" - especially in the technological field. Therefore, we are all the more pleased to be able to take the next step in our further development and to grow with our customers.

Anxicipation and lots of preparations

The Geek+ order picking system is still on its way to us by sea, but while we are already eagerly looking forward to the commissioning, a whole lot of levers are being set in motion in the background. After all, we want everything to run smoothly from day one.

That's why we're already taking care of the IT integration of the system and preparing the hardware processes for it. After all, the order picking system will be used for thousands of items in the future - there must be no delays, especially during the transition period. So we are working at full speed, but with a lot of anticipation!

By ship from the far east

... Great news! The order picking system has been loaded onto a ship and will now be at sea for a few weeks before it arrives here with us. Geek+, the supplier of the system is based in Beijing. It is a global technology company that has made its name in robotics and AI in warehouse logistics and supply chain management.

It is impressive and fascinating that anything is technologically possible today. That's why we're looking forward to using this technology very soon. We expect it to arrive around April. Full commissioning in Erlensee is expected to take place in May. Before that, there will still be some work to do to implement the system.

An investment in the future at the Erlensee location.

When it comes to our fulfillment processes, nothing is more important to us than improving them for our customers and growing with our customers. That's why we decided to modernize our Erlensee site and have an automated goods-to-man order picking system installed here.

As the name suggests, the employee in the warehouse does not go to the shelf to pick the goods, but the other way round - the shelf is approached! This is made possible by the Geek+ technology, thanks to which self-propelled robots find the respective shelf with the ordered goods completely autonomously, lift it and transport it from the storage area to the workstation, where the pick is then finally carried out by the order picker.

The advantages of the Geek+ picking system

  • Relief for the team
  • more precision
  • high time savings
  • even higher storage density at the site

Now it's time: Make preparations and initiate everything for the modernization. We will of course keep you up to date!

Mike Schubert und Raimund Bergler

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