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Why fulfilment with bergler? Because you have more important things to do!

Warehousing, packaging, picking, customising, packing, shipping, handling returns ... as a fulfilment service provider, we know from our own experience how much work all this entails. But at bergler industrieservices GmbH we have the infrastructure, the team and the know-how to handle all this for you.

What fulfilment services can we support you with? There is hardly anything we cannot do for you. Talk to us about your project and request your individual offer today without any obligation!

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Fulfillment, Outsourcing & Co. often raise many questions. We have therefore compiled a lot of information for you in our guidebook - find out all you need to know and many practical tips on all aspects of fulfillment, packaging, logistics, shipping or contract assembly!

Your fulfillment service provider

Free resources again at last thanks to Fulfillment

Are you an ambitious industrial or trading company, wholesaler or online shop operator? The logistics, order picking, storage, packaging, shipping and returns management of goods and products is too much work for you and robs you of valuable resources?

Perhaps the volume of orders and shipments is so high for you that you can no longer handle it alone. Or you would rather concentrate entirely on your product range as well as on development, service and sales.

There are many companies that are faced with the challenge of, on the one hand, sufficiently devoting themselves to their core business and taking care of their brand. On the other hand, you also have to keep logistics, warehousing and many other processes running smoothly.

As a fulfilment service provider, we know from our own experience how much work that is. After all, we at bergler industrieservices GmbH have specialised in all the tedious tasks you have to deal with day after day for many years.

With our fulfilment service, we are happy to take over your complete mail order processing and logistics, as well as individual processes such as storage, packaging, returns management for online shops and much more.

This is what we do differently

You may be wondering what sets us apart from other fulfilment service providers. This is quickly put in a nutshell: on the one hand, we have combined all the necessary resources here under the umbrella of bergler industrieservices GmbH - both in terms of expertise and personnel.

This enables us to adapt our fulfilment service quickly and flexibly to your requirements. Of course, this also applies to the processing of your large orders - keyword: batch fulfilment.

On the other hand, as a fulfilment service provider we have been looking after a wide variety of customers for many years: Product manufacturers, wholesalers, online shop operators or even start-ups. As a result, we have gained a lot of experience with almost every conceivable product and industry.

Unlike other fulfilment providers, we can therefore also uncover new potential in your company, make suggestions and support you in further improving processes - so that you have even more satisfied customers.

Get to know us as a fulfillment service provider!

Your fulfillment service provider in a prime location
With our location in Gelnhausen in the Main-Kinzig district you have a location advantage, because as a fulfilment service provider we are optimally connected here: Our own fleet of trucks only has to travel a few hundred metres to the Gelnhausen-West motorway access and one of Europe's most important traffic junctions, the Frankfurter Kreuz, is only 50 kilometres away.

In short, thanks to our central location in Germany, we can reach almost any location in just a few hours. Your goods will be placed in our spacious warehouses within the shortest possible time, and this applies to both small and large-volume products. However, it is not only our German customers who benefit from this top connection, but also companies from Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

And what does fulfillment cost?

Understandably, you are interested in the price of our services. However, the question about fulfillment costs cannot be answered in general. While one retailer only wants to have his already packaged goods stored and shipped by us, the other needs support in terms of outer packaging and yet another has large-volume goods such as furniture or kitchen appliances that have to be handled differently than small items. In short: It all depends on which services we should help you with. If you would like to find out more about the individual cost factors, please read our text on the subject of fulfilment costs!

What else would you like to know?
If you would like to read more background information or exciting tips on fulfillment, logistics, outsourcing or shipping, we invite you to take a look at our guide. Here we have compiled all kinds of topics and support for you!

More than Fulfillment

Our beginnings in the field of fulfilment and outsourcing date back well before the e-commerce boom, as a partner in the production and supplier sector - which we still are today. But it is our experience in this area that sets us apart from other fulfilment service providers.

Our outsourcing services go far beyond the storage, packaging and dispatch of goods. That's why we are also happy to take over entire processing steps on your goods and products and even batch fulfilment for large orders for you.

This ranges from packaging and printing to grinding and deburring to the assembly of components. And all of this under one roof. But all this experience, storage space and equipment would be nothing without our motivated employees, on whom we and you can rely at all times. A team that makes our fulfilment services possible day after day.

As an entrepreneur yourself, you know that conditions in daily business are always changing. This motivates us to constantly evolve in order to stay up to date in terms of technology and know-how and to be at your side as exactly the fulfilment service provider that can react quickly to all the new challenges.

That's what we do for you as a fulfillment service provider:

  • Complete logistics and mail-order processing: goods storage, order acceptance, picking, shipping, returns management
  • Further processing of your goods, e.g. shrink-wrapping, packaging, set formation, contract assembly and much more
  • Shipping at home and abroad
  • Relief for your core business and more satisfied customers

We are EU organic certified

bergler industrieservices GmbH meets all the criteria for the storage and dispatch of processed organic products such as sugar, proteins or food supplements and from now on will also provide you with valuable support in this area as a fulfilment and logistics provider.

"Organic" means transparency - which is why our storage areas also guarantee the required clear identifiability of your organic products, and contamination with unauthorised substances or mixing or confusion with non-organic products is ruled out. At the same time, we have an IT-supported best-before date control and batch tracking system while your products are stored at a constantly controlled temperature. This ensures the high quality of the organic products at all times.

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Here's how it works: 4 steps to your fulfillment service

You are only a few steps away from all-around optimized shipping and logistics processes and more time for the essential things in your business! This is how it works:

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1. You will receive a guideline offer

After you have contacted us, you will receive an initial, individual and non-binding offer based on your inquiry, your company details and the information from the fulfillment questionnaire, giving you transparency and planning security.

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2. We discuss the details

Together with us, you go through your desired fulfillment processes and services in detail and document everything in detail - gladly at a personal meeting. This way, you receive a perfectly coordinated fulfillment service package and offer from us.

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3. The interfaces are set up

To ensure that all processes in the ordering process are perfectly coordinated and that your product and goods inventory can be maintained and updated, we are now setting up the interfaces for data exchange in close coordination with your IT. For example, you can query stock levels, shipment numbers or the status of orders.

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4. Your goods will be delivered and stored at our place

Now that all the preparations have been made and your goods have arrived at our warehouse, you can sit back and relax and concentrate fully on your core competencies in your company. Now, as a fulfillment service provider, we take over all the tasks that you want or need to outsource.

Request a free offer

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We treat your data confidentially!

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