What is Omni Channel Fulfillment?

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There were times when customers mainly used brochures or catalogues to find out about goods and products as well as their prices. They then visited the respective branch and made their purchases there. The so-called "Customer Journey ", i.e. the "journey" of the customer from information to purchase and beyond, is today logically a completely different. Of course, if one considers the available technologies and the channels on which customers and prospective customers move at will. Keyword: Omni-Channel. But it is also certain that an Omnichannel customer also needs an Omnichannel fulfillment in order to meet all his needs and wishes.


Other channels require different fulfillment services

Companies that want to maintain the attention and interest of a customer not only have to move through many sales channels, but must also be able to react promptly. Click here services expected by prospects and buyers - from information and ordering to payment and delivery - are merging more and more. Just as offline shoppers first find out about a product and its features on the Internet via a stationary PC, smartphone, laptop or tablet before making their stationary purchase, online shoppers very often take a close look at the quality, feel and appearance of an item on the spot before placing an order on the Internet via the aforementioned devices. In short: there are not pure online purchases today, nor does the classic stationary offline purchase exclusively take place outside the Internet**.

What Omni-Channel-Services are there?

New customer needs make new services necessary and here flexible Fulfillment service provider are gaining increasing importance for companies if they want the highest possible customer satisfaction. When it comes to Omni-Channel, catchwords like "how" are used:

  • Click & Collect: The purchase is made online, the goods are made available for collection at the branch on site.
  • Reserve & Collect:** The goods are reserved online from the store stock and finally paid for and collected at the Point of Sale (PoS) in the store.
  • Return-to-Store:** The return of items purchased online takes place on site at the PoS.

The challenge in these Omni-Channel disciplines is to meet the different needs of the customer seamless and aon each channel or distribution channel and stay one step ahead of the competition. This is done through:

  • Fast response
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Smooth and efficient logistics
  • Communication and dialogue with the customer

No matter how many channels a customer moves on and over how many channels his purchase extends - in Omni-Channel-Fulfillment only one thing counts for the fulfillment service provider as well as for the client: The need must be served. This means that the customer receives his product when, where and how he wants it. This requires perfect interaction between the shop and/or branch operator and the fulfillment service. It makes a difference whether the latter supplies a branch network or a wholesaler with its products or whether it ships them to the end customer itself.

Even more flexibility is necessary when the boundaries become blurred and real Omni-Channel-Fulfillment is in demand. For example, when the delivery of the goods is to take place reliably and predictably in a time window known to the customer and at the desired location. The management of your stocks must in such a case be perfectly networked with the branch and the fulfillment service provider **. This is obvious, because special Omni Channel services such as Click & Collect or Reserve & Collect can only be offered if the inventory can always be correctly displayed and managed in the merchandise management system.


Your customer moves during his customer journey on all possible channels - in the online world as well as offline. If you want to meet the needs and desires of your Omni Channel customer at all times, you should extend and optimize* your supply chain with Omni Channel Fulfillment.

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than not delivering on your service promises. A reliable fulfillment service provider with perfectly tailored fulfillment services - both for Online-Shops as well as for the stationary trade - supports you with its know-how and capacities to put all expectations for your products and services into practice.

Mike Schubert und Raimund Bergler

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