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The e-commerce world is turning ever faster - a review of the Internet World EXPO 2019

What a great event! Also this year we were present with our stand at the Internet World Expo, the leading e-commerce fair in Munich and look back on two great days at the fair!

The world of e-commerce does not come to rest

It is sometimes hard to believe how fast the e-commerce industry is developing. Therefore it is all the more important for us as Fulfillment service providers to know the real needs of our customers. Ten years ago, for example, when we started e-commerce fulfillment for our first customers, the world of online retailing was a completely different place.

The measure of all things was eBay and was virtually synonymous with shopping on the Internet. And even the retailers who were on the move there preferred to handle their logistics themselves. At the time, the eBay power sellers still lacked a connection to fulfillment companies like ours and thus the trust that everything runs smoothly in the shipping process.

But the success and the visible advantages of the E-fulfillment spoke for themselves, and this also prompted a rethink on the part of the retailers. Today, it is completely normal even for startups to outsource their e-commerce logistics. Even if on average they only have very few items to send. People prefer to spare their already scarce human resources and (rightly) invest their time in product development and customer satisfaction.

What we have heard from many conversations with online retailers: The bar that customers set for online shop orders is rising all the time. Faux-pas like wrong and wrong deliveries or sub-optimal packaging material are less and less distorted and, above all, things have to go fast: Ordered today, delivered tomorrow Individual dealers don't always get it that way. But they don't have to, if there are specialists for it.

Faster and faster, more and more demanding, more and more international

The increased requirements apply internationally - another trend in e-commerce that we are increasingly feeling. More and more online shops are no longer limited to the DACH area. Meanwhile the shipping radius is at least Europe-wide, if not even worldwide. The internationalisation of online trade will therefore continue to play an even greater role in the future.

Once again back to the increased customer requirements: If they don't like the product or the surrounding products, they go back. This in turn is reflected in the returns quotas of retailers. It is no surprise that returns are costly and time-consuming because the entire ordering and logistics process is reversed. At the same time, there is a round returns-management has become a matter of course for the customer, which is why we talked more and more about it with shop operators at our stand at this year's Internet World Expo.

We'll stay on the ball for you

As I said before, the world of e-commerce never stands still. And that's why it's even more important for fulfillment service providers like us to be present with eyes and ears and to know both the "toothache" and the needs of online merchants. This includes not only being present with a stand at e-commerce events such as the Internet World Expo, but also looking around and listening to other online trade and industry fairs as visitors and observers.

Just stay tuned, we'll be on the road for you and keep you up to date with the most important trends in e-commerce, fulfillment & Co!