We are EU-Bio-Certified!

Since 16 June 2017, bergler industrieservices GmbH has been entitled to bear the organic seal. With the EU-Bio-Certified our company is registered and supervised at the Biokontrollstelle DE-Öko-006. This means that our services as Fulfillment- and logistics partners are also adapted to the organic sector and can take care of the initial receipt, storage and dispatch logistics of your processed organic products in accordance with EC Organic Basic Regulation 834/2007.

High requirements apply

As far as "organic" or "eco" is concerned, there are a number of regulations and requirements that have to be met. Manufacturers and suppliers of organic products must meet high standards and comply with specifications in order to be allowed to carry an organic seal. They are subject to an Organic Control System in which the production, processing or storage is precisely regulated. If the organic products are sold directly to the end consumer, traders are released from control, reporting and labelling obligations. However, this only applies if they are not the producers of the products or if they do not store them away from the point of sale. Anyone who stores his goods in his own shop and wants to sell them directly to the customer does not have to have an organic label.

The situation is different for off- or online mail order of organic products, or external storage of the goods. Here the marketing is subject to control and the entire supply chain - including storage, incoming goods, dispatch and returns - must be fully traceable and 100 percent traceable.

What bergler also does for you as an organic logistics company

The demand for organic products continues to grow, both offline and on the Internet. In order to be able to serve these fully and completely, many stationary retailers and online shops now rely on an external service provider - a organic logistician, who has sufficient storage space, takes care of the entire shipping process exactly knows what to look out for and of course has an organic certification.

bergler industrieservices GmbH fulfils all criteria for storage and dispatch processing of processed organic products such as sugar, proteins or food supplements and from now on also provides you with valuable support in this area as a fulfillment and logistics provider. "Organic" means transparency - therefore our storage areas also guarantee the required unambiguous identifiability of your organic products, and contamination with inadmissible substances or mixing or confusion with non-organic products is ruled out. At the same time we have an IT-supported MHD control and batch tracking while your products are stored at a constantly controlled temperature. This ensures the high quality of the organic products at all times.

Are you a retailer of organic products and would like to outsource your dispatch logistics or do you have any questions? Then let us talk to each other! Write us an e-mail or contact us by phone at 06051-9128 0!

Mike Schubert und Raimund Bergler

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