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The challenges are growing - so are we!

When we ventured into e-commerce fulfillment for the first time 10 years ago**, we did expect the volume of orders on the Internet to increase. And yes, the growth rates have been enormous to date and the trend is far from abating.

However, e-commerce is not the only area in which fulfillment is in demand. Wholesalers and industrial customers also face growing challenges, have to react more and more flexibly and adjust their sales figures accordingly. Then the warehouse will become too small, the shipping volume will increase, the wishes of the customers more and more special ... as Fulfillment service provider we are happy to step in and help wherever we can.

We can openly say that this growing demand is prompting more and more companies to request our support in terms of storage, packaging, picking, packing, shipping and much more. And of course we are very pleased about that and see in it a proof of trust in our competence and experience. Nevertheless, we cannot rely on the status quo and rest on our laurels.

So before we face similar challenges to our customers at any time, we increase our capacities in good time - therefore a few figures: In addition to our 3,000 square metre warehouse in Gelnhausen and the 11,000 square metre warehouse in Erlensee, a further 17,000 square metres will be added **from April. This means that we are well prepared for the future and can guarantee that you can count on our support as a fulfillment service provider even in the event of unexpected peaks.

But read more about our increased capacities in the LogReal magazine!


Mike Schubert und Raimund Bergler

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