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Currently, retailers who use or plan to use "Fulfillment By Amazon", or FBA for short, are facing challenges due to measures introduced by the shipping giant because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, as Fulfillment service provider the Bergler team will support you during this period with its usual flexibility and speed! To find out who is affected by the current FBA measures and how we can help you further, read this article!

Exceptional circumstances, exceptional changes in FBA

If someone had told us just a few weeks ago that a virus would cripple the whole world and put society to such a severe test - we would not have thought it possible. An unprecedented situation! The effects of CoVid19 and the measures taken to contain it have hit a number of companies very hard, especially small shops, hairdressing salons, the catering trade - businesses that really need public access.

Some have the opportunity to restructure or digitalise their business model, while many who were already active as online retailers now have their hands full. In these times, bergler industrieservices GmbH and its team are more and more frequently stepping in flexibly when help is needed at short notice in terms of fulfilment and logistics. Whether it's a large volume of orders that needs to be handled, or the shift from offline to online business, or simply because previous methods simply no longer work as usual. This is especially true for retailers who currently use the "Fulfillment By Amazon", or FBA for short.

Coronavirus: prioritization of product groups at Amazon

Many FBA dealers are now faced with the challenge that the online shipping giant prioritizes certain product groups during the corona situation. Amazon specifies the following categories:

  • Baby products
  • Drugstore & household
  • Drugstore & personal care (including electronic devices for personal care)
  • Food
  • Industry & Science
  • Pet supplies

Maybe you already have the clue:

"In your region there are temporarily extended delivery times "

on the Amazon website. The prioritization is one of the reasons for this. However, a look at France Italy also shows that a complete delivery stop for non-prioritized products cannot be ruled out if the situation should worsen.

But what does all this mean now for retailers who were planning to use FBA and offer products that do not come from these categories? It is as follows: If the items are from the aforementioned product categories, they will still be accepted by Amazon. For all others, Amazon makes clear statements in its help pages in the Sellercentral. Summarized in a sense: Whatever is left in stock in the logistics centers can be sold. Applications for reclassification of offers are currently not accepted.

FBA dealers we spoke to told us that due to the current circumstances they are trying to retrieve their stored products and, in addition, are switching dispatch to "Fulfillment-by-Merchant". However, this does not seem to be working smoothly either. Under normal conditions, a 30-day processing time is already common practice for so-called returns.

Fulfillment: We help you! Ask for our support now!

In times of crisis like these, many companies have to make uncomfortable decisions. Even a large provider like Amazon. Even if it has unpleasant consequences for some retailers.

But at the moment you don't have to do without having your goods stored, packed and shipped. As a fulfilment service provider, bergler industrieservices GmbH is flexible enough to react to your situation as quickly as possible and has sufficient capacity to take care of the handling of your products.

Our suggestion: Talk to us! Let us know how we can help you and we will find a solution! Use the following fulfilment contact form, send us your request and we will send you a compact questionnaire in which we will ask you a few more questions in order to offer you the best possible service.

We look forward to hearing from you! But the most important thing in these times is: Take care of yourself, stay healthy!

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